GPRBA Annual Report 2021

The Partnership broadened its mandate in 2019 to incorporate more flexible financing solutions beyond OBA, to keep up with the changing needs of our clients and to achieve greater impact. The name change to GPRBA marked this expansion. It made more RBF instruments available, and leveraged the…

Date: 2021

Type: Annual Reports

Tags: Energy, Climate Change, Education, Health, Other, Solid Waste Management, Telecommunications, Water and Sanitation, Urban Transport, Public-Private Partnerships , Independent Verification , Fragile Situations, Urban, Gender

Output-Based Aid for Urban Transport

Urban transport systems are crucial to economic and social development, and are particularly important for connecting poor populations to jobs, education, and health services. As the developing world rapidly urbanizes, there is an opportunity to build safer, cleaner, and more inclusive transport…

Date: 2017

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Urban Transport

Analyzing the Use of Output-Based Aid (OBA) in Urban Transport

This report discusses the applicability of output-based aid (OBA) to the urban transport sector in cities of developing and emerging countries, and draws recommendations for the design of OBA-financed projects – and, more broadly, of output-oriented pro-poor projects – that address the issues…

Date: 2017

Type: GPRBA Working Paper

Tags: Urban Transport

Output-based Aid in the Chad: Using Performance-Based Contracts to Improve Roads

Despite Chad's recent debut as an oil exporter, its people rank among the world's poorest. Large parts of the country are left in extreme isolation by the lack of a backbone road network that is passable year-round. To tackle the poor internal integration, the government formulated the National…

Date: 2005

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Other, Urban Transport

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