Vietnam Quality Improvement of Primary Education for Deaf Children Project (QIPEDC)

The development objective of the QIPEDC Project was to increase primary school-aged deaf children’s access to Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL) and improve their learning outcomes. Thanks to the project’s interventions, nearly 2,000 deaf students in 20 provinces across Vietnam were given the opportunity to improve their educational experience through the use of VSL. All told the project supported the development of 4,000 new, standardized VSL signs, thereby building on the achievements of its predecessor, the World Bank’s IDEO Project. In addition, hundreds of teachers, teaching assistants, deaf adults and parents of deaf children were trained to assist deaf students in the use of VSL as a language of instruction and learning. As a result, the learning outcomes of the project beneficiaries greatly exceeded the original targets. Further, the training and learning materials developed under the project were approved by the Ministry of Education and Training for use nationwide, thereby expanding the geographic scope of the project and fostering the sustainability of its impact.


Read the program Implementation Completion and Results Report (January 2023) here.


Photo: Shutterstock/Suriya99