GPRBA Annual Report 2022

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GPRBA Annual Report 2022

As of June 30, 2022, the GPRBA portfolio consisted of 58 grant projects in 7 sectors, spanning over 30 countries and 1 territory, for a total grant commitment of $304.7 million and cumulative disbursements of $224.8 million. The portfolio continued to maintain a strong focus on International Development Association (IDA) countries, which represent approximately 93 percent of the total committed portfolio; Sub-Saharan Africa makes up 56 percent. Overall, GPRBA projects have reached more than 12 million direct beneficiaries in the provision of access to basic services. To date, 11 projects have been fully implemented in FCS, totaling $57 million.

Additionally, GPRBA carried out a retrospective independent evaluation of the program’s impact and effectiveness throughout the FY15-20 period. It examined GPRBA’s mandate to promote, demonstrate, and document the use of RBF approaches to provide basic infrastructure and social services for low-income communities and other vulnerable populations. The evaluation was carried out between September 2021 and May 2022 and included an assessment of GPRBA’s subsidy projects, TA activities and knowledge management activities. The findings of this evaluation identified that GPRBA’s strategy and activities are aligned and relevant to donor and partner priorities, as well as GPRBA’s market role, positioning and brand perception. It also proposed recommendations to inform GPRBA’s future strategy.

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