Uganda Reproductive Health Voucher Project

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Uganda Reproductive Health Voucher Project GPRBA

This case study is part of a series prepared by the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Results-Based Approaches (GPRBA). The objective is to highlight project components that have enabled GPRBA to successfully deploy results-based finance (RBF) approaches for the provision of basic services to low-income communities, with efficiency, transparency and accountability. The present analysis is focused on the Reproductive Health Voucher Program (RHVP) in Uganda. The objective of the project was to increase access to skilled and safe maternal health care during pregnancy, delivery and postnatal stages among poor women living in rural and disadvantaged areas. The vouchers distributed through the project supported 178,413 supervised deliveries through 201 health facilities across 25 districts in Uganda.

Uganda Reproductive Health Voucher Project (4.8 MB)