Learning from 15 Years of GPRBA Experience

Dissemination|Activity Status: Active
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    April 09, 2020
    Closing Date
    December 31, 2022


This activity aims to systematize lessons on the application of OBA and RBF, based on GPRBA’s 15 years of experience in addressing the development challenges of low-income communities. 

The GPRBA team prepared and disseminated the following:

• Review of GPRBA’s TA and knowledge portfolio against set criteria

• Case studies reflecting the stories of successful application of the RBF mechanisms in different countries (Bangladesh, Ghana, Nepal, Uganda, and Solomon Islands)

• Notes on GPRBA’s experience with applying the RBF mechanism in the energy, water and sanitation sectors, as well as to address the problems related to the following themes: Fragility-Conflict-Violence (FCV), climate change, and gender issues

• Review IVA reports produced as part of GPRBA projects to identify common issues, challenges and risks of project implementation and make recommendations on how to improve IVA and IVA reports

• Survey to assess the mainstreaming of RBF approaches, as well as the scaling-up of RBF projects’ implementation by different governments, development institutions, and other RBF practicing organizations

• Review of RBF-related literature with an emphasis on approaches outside GPRBA – the database has been uploaded to the GPRBA website