OBA & PforR: Knowledge Sharing, Learning, and Operational Support

Dissemination|Activity Status: Closed
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    May 09, 2017
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    August 31, 2018
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The tasks under this activity will include the following:

Component 1: Knowledge sharing and learning - This component will foster collaboration with PforR team on generating and disseminating knowledge, particularly on pro-poor targeting methodologies, DLIs, monitoring and verification protocols, as well as lessons learned in these areas of expertise from specific countries and tested sectors.

Component 2: Advisory and operational support - This component will seek to identify advisory and analytical activities in support of PforR.

Finally, this component will foster partnership with OPCS aimed at mainstreaming RBF in CPSs with the aim of increasing aid effectiveness.

The activity has been completed and its results have been disseminated. GPRBA engaged with the Bank's PforR team within the Operational Support Vice-Presidency (OPCS) through knowledge exchange, learning activities and project support. This exchange was mutually beneficial, allowing the GPRBA team to deepen operational understanding of PforR while sharing own RBF/OBA expertise to strengthen the instrument. In this context the TA activities included knowledge sharing - GPRBA partnered with OPCS in support to analytics on disbursement-linked indicators (DLI) required for the portfolio review – specifically: (i) deep dives into selected country-level PforR portfolios; (ii) deep dives into selected sectoral-level PforR portfolios; (iii) an assessment of DLI verification arrangements across the PforR portfolio; (iv) insights from restructuring and additional financing (AF)and (v) a mid-term roundtable to take stock of interim findings of the PforR portfolio review at large. development of GPRBA fundraising action plan with a focus on a broad range of RBF instruments. knowledge sharing activities by RBF community of practice. an upstream operational support to PforR.