Knowledge Strategy / Collaboration

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    January 20, 2015
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    August 31, 2017
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This application focuses on GPOBA’s overall Knowledge Management, Learning and Innovation (KMLI) strategy as well as the “Collaboration” component involving developing, refining, maintaining, monitoring, and improving upon collaborative tools for knowledge flows and exchanges with OBA implementers (external and internal), donors, and external stakeholders using GPOBA experience and data.

A Working Paper was prepared to summarize the Knowledge Management, Learning and Innovation supported by this activity in 2015-2017. GPOBA Knowledge: Strategy and Collaboration Working Paper was prepared to serve as a record of activities and key lessons. The KMLI Strategy was formulated effectively with positive results. Collaboration component was an important pillar of the KMLI approach with regards to community networking and bringing together practitioners to share knowledge through activities or products. The supported KMLI activities aligned GPOBA with the new World Bank approaches to collaboration which in turn enabled GPOBA to better use platforms/blogs, events and learning activities within the World Bank.