Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Active

Ghana: Clean Cooking Program


This activity will prepare and pilot a results-based program to incentivize the private sector to innovate, invest in and transform the market for clean-cooking stoves in Ghana.


Active. Closing in Mar.2020. The Government of Ghana has requested the WB to prepare a PforR lending operation in the energy sector and this activity is supporting the preparation of the clean cooking component. The TOR for consultancy to undertake a financial assessment, identify financial institutions, their requirements to understand the financing gaps to be covered by subsidies has been prepared and a consultant is expected to be hired in the next quarter. The team has provided comments on the TOR for the government’s national clean cooking strategy which is expected to be finalized by the end of the year. An extension of the closing date to March 2021 has been requested to align the activity with the preparation of the PforR operation which expected to be approved by the Board in the latter part of FY21.