Zambia: Clean Cooking Program

Technical Assistance|Activity Status: Active
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    April 24, 2019
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    November 30, 2022
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This activity was to demonstrate cleaner-cooking options to schools and school families, and undertake a gender assessment to ensure effective communication of the benefits and risks of cleaner-cooking to women and children.

The objective is to (i) promote the use of clean cooking fuels and efficient stoves, (ii) support the dissemination of advanced stoves and efficient charcoal stoves; and (iii) reduce forest pressure from charcoal consumption

The gender assessments and the cookstove testing were carried out in FY22. The gender assessment will include the analysis of options for potential gender interventions in the clean cooking sector.

• The testing of cookstove use and the preparation of a service contract will feed into the development of a component of the IDA investment project, Transforming Energy Access Matters.

• The summary report with the initial findings from these interviews and data analysis has been prepared and is currently being reviewed by the WB team.