A Guide for Effective Results-Based Financing Strategies

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RBF Guidebook Cover

GPOBA was initially founded to implement output-based aid, targeting low-income households and communities. While OBA has proven to be a successful type of development financing over its 15 years of operation, GPOBA  has discovered that more complex and changing environments require more flexible financing solutions to meet impact objectives. This includes not only broadening our menu of RBF instruments, but also leveraging the flexibility of RBF to design development projects which bring together public and private sector investors in order to maximize resources.This publication presents different types of results-based financing and as a diagnostic tool can guide development practitioners and funders to apply the most appropriate RBF solution that is more "tailor-made."  Further, it focuses on issues of specific relevance to GPOBA and its work providing technical input on output-based aid (OBA) and RBF more generally. 

A Guide for Effective Results-Based Financing Strategies (1.73 MB)