Results-Based Financing in Water and Climate Change Programs

Technical Assistance|Activity Status: Closed
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  • Approval Date
    September 24, 2012
    Closing Date
    June 30, 2013
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In Phase 1, the team developed a "User Guide to RBF for the Water Sector" to assist water experts in developing countries and the international community with identifying results-based instruments for current and future donor and/or country-financed programs across all water sub-sectors.  

Strategic Objectives of Tasks

1. Promote the mainstreaming of RBF in the water sector.

2. Support identification of potential RBF schemes for future GPOBA funding.

3. Help experts design projects that are eligible for RBF funding.

4. Fund pilot programs in various water sub-sectors that generate results.

5. Provide a series of case studies to inform future RBF work in water.

6. Enhance aid effectiveness by promoting collaboration between World Bank Trust Funds WPP and GPOBA.

7. Provide capacity building to sector experts, developing country governments, and other stakeholders.