Investment Financing for Infrastructure Leading to Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation

Dissemination|Activity Status: Closed
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    March 01, 2010
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    December 31, 2011



This project is a study on the use of results-based financing (RBF) to attract increased investment to climate change (CC) mitigation and adaptation in developing countries. The target audience will be World Bank staff, staff of other multi-lateral and bi-lateral agencies and donor government policy makers.

Phase 1 is the production of a GPOBA Working Paper that will fill a gap in the discussion on measures relating to CC, which has made few linkages with the use of output-based aid (OBA). The proposed work will highlight how OBA has increased infrastructure investment towards CC mitigation and its potential to support adaptation. The paper will suggest that OBA could play a higher profile role on CC going forward. 

Phase 2 deliverables will support in making the findings from Phase 1 operational as policy and in developing operating guidelines. In determining most appropriate outputs during phase 2, consideration will be given to how best the findings of phase 1 can be turned into policy/operations in coordination with other global efforts.

Operationalization in ways that deliver significant private sector financing will be a key aspect of phase 2, and it is expected that meetings will be held with a variety of private sector financiers as well as policy makers. These meetings will help to clarify the practical issues involving RBF for climate change on how best these can be addressed. Outputs of this phase will support drafting of policy and operating guidelines.