Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

IVA & Verification of Results RBF


Objective of this activity (a) to develop an IVA knowledge product that enables cross-learning of verification practices across different RBF instruments including OBA, PforR and other RBF methods; and, (b) to disseminate the knowledge product to RBF practitioners.


The activity has been completed.

The budget was increased from the original 250,000. It delivered analysis of verification protocols and disbursement-linked indicators, providing input to the updated GPRBA Operations Principles

Also, it systematized the database of Independent Verification Agents (IVAs) and ToR, as GPRBA is most often contacted by RBF practitioners with request to share technical knowledge on physical verification of deliverables. The results of the analysis was to be shared at the RBF Forum in the following reporting period.