Indonesia: Strengthening BPKP's Institutional Capacity as a CoE for Independent Verification

Dissemination|Activity Status: Closed



This activity supports improvements in the quality of local services and infrastructure by improving accountability through the use of the government's own internal auditor. The methodology of output verification will be useful for monitoring results from infrastructure sectors supported by a broader set of programmatic advisory and analytical activities. In turn, the programmatic activities on Sustainable Urbanization aim to support the Government in developing a suite of policy, advisory, financing and program solutions to meet the challenge of sustainable urbanization, specifically policy and financing frameworks to channel advisory and investment to Indonesian cities to meet pressing urban infrastructure and management needs.

The activities have been completed. In this reporting period, GPRBA catalogued knowledge products for to be used after the TA, supporting a state audit reform that now includes physical verification of results in the basic infrastructure sectors. The budget was increased from the original 350,000, given the impact of this activity on Indonesia, the most populous island nation that recently graduated from IDA and continued with fast development. For the future, GPRBA is considering a new TA for BPKP, the independent federal audit agency, to expand the use of output verification in housing, education and health sectors.