Colombia: Technical Assistance for Improving Housing Resilience

Technical Assistance|Activity Status: Closed
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    December 31, 2019
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This activity supported the Government of Colombia in the design and implementation of the recently created National Home Improvement Subsidy Program’s "Casa Digna, Vida Digna" ("Dignified House, Dignified Life") project.

This activity supported 1) the identification of low-income households in urban areas which had been excluded from traditional housing programs; and 2) the development of housing ore resilient to weather, geological disasters and climate change.

All activities have been completed as planned. The home improvement subsidy program Casa Digna, Vida Digna (Decent House, Decent Life) has been designed and a World Bank Resilient and Inclusive Housing lending project ($115 million) is expected to have a timeline of 2021-2027. This activity helped GPRBA acquire a middle-income country experience that can be used in designing RBF in much poorer countries. Housing unit profiles have been captured via street-view and drone imagery that includes rooftop quality which in combination with other data sets can enable housing policy and RBF targeting. A housing stock dataset was created and was used for diagnostics and cost-benefit analysis to inform allocation of public funds.