Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Closed

Myanmar: RBF for Urban Upgrading and Affordable Housing

Myanmar Affordable Housing
New Housing New Curiosity, Yangon, Myanmar; Photo: Pedro Contrucci / Flickr (CC by 2.0) 


This activity supported a comprehensive analysis of low-income urban settlements, land administration, and the supply of affordable housing in key urban areas of Myanmar.

This analysis informed the development of policy and investment priorities that could be implemented through results-based financing to improve living conditions for residents of low-income settlements, and to increase the supply of affordable housing.

Project related video: Myanmar’s Urbanization: Creating Opportunities for All



Closed Oct.2020. This activity supported the identification of RBF solutions for slum upgrading.

A technical mission took place in October 2019, reviewing financing options for slum upgrading. Ministry of Construction and the Yangon Region Government identified in-situ slum upgrading as a priority area for an intervention in Greater Yangon.

The activity will deliver its main analytical reports in the next reporting period.