World Bank/GPOBA grant extends electricity in Vanuatu

July 2, 2014|Feature Stories

Port Vila, July 2, 2014 – The World Bank, acting as administrator for the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA), has signed an agreement with the Republic of Vanuatu to grant US$4,850,000 to provide on-grid electricity connections to nearly 22,000 low-income residents. This project is facilitated by the Australian Government’s contribution to GPOBA (AUD 43 million since 2007) which is focused on supporting projects in the Indo-Pacific region.
Australia is a key partner for GPOBA on this project and is the lead bilateral donor in the Pacific and in Vanuatu.  Investing in infrastructure initiatives like this is an important priority for the Australian aid program, which is focused on promoting prosperity, reducing poverty and enhancing stability. Expanding access to reliable energy is one of Australia’s responses to tackling infrastructure bottlenecks in the region —vital for businesses and for communities. It complements Australia’s other investments in Vanuatu in key infrastructure and human development, such as the transport and sanitation infrastructure projects across the country, and the work to support effective regulation to reduce costs and increase supply in the energy sector.