Four Projects Recognized for Results-Based Approaches

January 13, 2016|Feature Stories

The awards were presented by Ede Ijjasz-Vásquez, Senior Director for the Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience Global Practice (SURR), who praised the winning projects for their strong links to the goals of both GPOBA and SURR. “All of these projects support more resilient, inclusive, sustainable communities,” he said. “They push the frontiers of development approaches in ways that are producing real results.” 

Carmen Nonay, Practice Manager for SURR’s Partnerships and Resource Mobilization unit, expressed her appreciation to the teams within the World Bank that are working with OBA and RBF approaches. “Collaborating on projects is a very rewarding experience, and these innovative approaches have the potential to change the way we all view development solutions.”

Catherine Commander O’Farrell, Head of GPOBA, part of SURR’s Partnerships and Resource Mobilization unit, stressed the range of the winning projects and the challenges they overcame for successful implementation, whether working in areas affected by conflict and fragility or utilizing climate-change mitigation mechanisms in untested regions, noting “Each project is pioneering in its own way.”

The Inn-OBA-tions awards were divided into four categories to recognize specific achievements using results based approaches. The Pioneer Award recognizes a project that takes a visionary approach to working in less-tested sectors or challenging environments; the Collaboration Award goes to a project that leverages partnerships and exemplifies cooperation among World Bank units, governments, and/or other development partners; the Social Inclusion/Green Award honors projects supporting the development of green, inclusive, and resilient communities while addressing the social inclusion of the poor, vulnerable, and other excluded groups; and the newly created Governance Award goes to a project that exemplifies accountability and capacity building through effective governance.