Bolivia Rural Electricity Project Wins Award

February 1, 2010|Other news items

The Bolivia Decentralized Electricity for Rural Access project has won a team award from the World Bank's Latin America and the Caribbean Region. 
The team was selected for its sustained dedication and success in achieving development results for poor households in Bolivia under very difficult conditions. 
The aim of the Bolivia project is to increase affordable access to electricity in rural areas.   GPOBA is supporting the project through a US$5.18 million grant which is helping to fund the installation of 7,000 solar home systems for dispersed rural households, schools, clinics, and micro and small enterprises. 
The team that won the award is also the team for the World Bank's Bolivia Decentralized Infrastructure for Rural Transformation program.  The following people were honored:
• Task team leader:  Susan Bogach;
• Core team:  Monica Claros,  Karen Bazex, Kilian Reiche, Iris del Valle Oliveros, Luis Vaca Soto; and
• Extended team:  Lucia Spinelli, Lourdes Consuelo Linares, Maria Lucy Giraldo, Bjorn-Soren Gigler, Dana Rysankova, Michel Kerf, Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, Patricia De la Fuente Hoyes, Monica Tambucho, Luis Tineo, Oscar Avalle.