Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Closed

RBF for Municipal Solid Waste in Africa


This activity explores opportunities for OBA projects in three cities in Sub-Saharan Africa for municipal solid waste management in light of experience with the first two OBA SWM pilots in Nepal and West Bank.

The objective of this activity to be implemented by the World Bank Urban team is to conduct an assessment of the solid waste sector in two African cities, and to come up with a results-based financing mechanism design as well as policy, investment and institutional recommendations that are necessary to improve the performance of the solid waste management in these cities. A particular focus of this TA will be to identify solutions and approaches that improve access to sound solid waste services to poor households.   While the selection of the cities will be part of the implementation, the preliminary cities being considered for the TA are Ziguinchor of Senegal and Nouakchott in Mauritania.


The deliverables  –  assessments of the solid waste services in Mauritania illustrated by Nouakchott and in Senegal illustrated  by  Ziguinchor and Saint Louis – have been completed and disseminated to the  stakeholders  and  clients.  These  assessments looked  into  possible  OBA  /  RBF  designs in the backdrop of informality and socio-economic status of waste pickers  as well as environmental challenges in waste management.  While no OBA/RBF project came out of the assessments immediately, the studies will remain points of reference for future dialogue with the client countries.