Outputs to Outcomes

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    April 08, 2020
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    June 30, 2023
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As the concept of outcome-based financing (OBF) is relatively new, and given the limited experience using OBF within the World Bank, this activity aims to advance and share knowledge on the transition within the RBF conceptual framework from outputs-to-outcomes, and to identify opportunities for outcome-based financing projects.

Under this activity, GPRBA has prepared the following knowledge products:

Publication on Outcome-Based Financing 101 and GPRBA’s Outcomes Fund multi-donor trust fund

White Paper on RBF through Social Enterprises

• Literature review on OBF and internal resource guide (internal)

Publication on OBF for Service Delivery with Key Considerations for the Recovery from COVID-19. This paper, published in April 2021, was presented and discussed as part of the Oxford GoLab’s "Engaging with Evidence" series.

Ongoing activities will continue to focus on expanding knowledge and building awareness of OBF, drawing and disseminating lessons from design and implementation of existing programs, and supporting a potential pipeline of outcomes-focused projects.