Indonesia: Expansion of Water Services in Low Income Areas of Jakarta

Grant Funding|Activity Status: Closed
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  • Amount
    $2.57 million
  • Approval Date
    August 01, 2005
    Closing Date
    December 31, 2012
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In Jakarta Indonesia, many of the urban poor live in illegal or informal slum communities where access to individual or group piped connections is not permitted. As a result, poor households have had to rely on very expensive supply from informal water vendors or the use of polluted groundwater. In 2007, GPOBA provided support to pilot OBA approach to improve access to piped water supply in poor communities, including informal or slum communities. The project provided access to safe and affordable piped water services to low-income households in six legal and illegal/informal communities in western Jakarta. Over 5,000 households have been connected to the network and the second phase of the project exclusively focused on informal or slum communities.