Our strategy in expanding the work we do from output-based aid to results-based financing (RBF) focuses on three key business areas covering Blended Finance, Programs for Results (PforR), and Impact bonds (IBs).
Blended Finance activities aim to mobilize more public and private finance at scale for greater impact in improving access to basic services by poor households, in line with the World Bank Group's "Maximizing Financing for Development."

In support of PforR, knowledge sharing and learning activities will be conducted as well as providing advisory and on-the-ground assistance for PforR operations in the specific areas that our team has expertise on.
Building on our RBF experience and strategic position at the World Bank Group, we will support the development of the impact bond market by using data, technical expertise, monitoring and evaluation tools, and by leveraging strategic partnerships to enhance the effectiveness of IBs as an RBF instrument.