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Grant funding projects are at the core of GPRBA’s business model, and implementation of these projects provides the evidence and lessons from success and failure to document best practices.

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The Global Partnership for Results-Based Approaches (GPRBA) provides innovative financing solutions that link funding to achieved results.

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Financing Impact: Practical Insights on the Use of Impact Bonds to Achieve Social and Environmental Outcomes

If it’s not a bond, then what it is? Join us for a candid discussion about impact bonds, a unique form of results-based financing (RBF) that brings together public and private sector finance and expertise to achieve development outcomes.

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How Vietnam Opened New Doors for Deaf Children


Publication | 2023

Vietnam Quality Improvement of Primary Education for Deaf Children Project (QIPEDC)

The development objective of the QIPEDC Project was to increase primary school-aged deaf children’s access to Vietnamese Sign Language (VSL) and improve their learning outcomes. Thanks to the project’s interventions, nearly 2,000 deaf students in 20 provinces across Vietnam were given the opportunity to improve their educational experience through the use of VSL.

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