About 350,000 West Bank Properties Targeted for Legal Registration

November 6, 2019|Press releases

Ramallah, November 6th. The World Bank, acting as administrator for the Global Partnership for Results-Based Approaches (GPRBA), signed a Grant Agreement on November 6th for US$4.6 million with the Palestinian National Authority to improve access to registered land and property-related services.

The project funding from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), also benefits from co-financing from the World Bank for US$5 million, as well as US$3 million from the Palestinian Partnership for Infrastructure Development Multi-Donor Trust Fund (PID MDTF) administered by the World Bank.  

The grant will support the Palestinian Authority in its plan to complete systematic land registration (SLR) across the West Bank territories through a results-based payments approach. This is the first World Bank and GBRBA project that will apply results-based approaches in the delivery of land registration services. The project is expected to register 350,000 properties and to have a major focus on increasing the participation of women and vulnerable groups in the process.

Gender outreach and inclusion have been mainstreamed in the design of the project to support the ongoing efforts of the Palestinian Authority to ensure the rights of women and vulnerable groups are protected in the SLR process. In addition to improving tenure security, land rights will also provide women with increased access to finance and improved economic opportunities.

Access to land and real estate in the Palestinian territories is one of several impediments to economic growth, as limited land registration and ambiguous property rights present major challenges to business and housing development. Registered real estate is the most important source of collateral and the primary instrument used by banks to secure mortgages and loans, especially to micro-Enterprises and small and medium enterprises.

Securing land registration has economic benefits at the national, community, and family levels,” said Kanthan Shankar, World Bank Country Director for West Bank and Gaza.  “Only 38 percent of land in the West Bank is registered, with a significant portion of unregistered properties in the urban centers. The project aims to push for greater registration across the Palestinian territories, an asset to tap for economic resources. It matters deeply for social inclusion, particularly disadvantage groups and women and will offer secured tenure and opportunities to improve living standards.”

The project will be implemented by both the Palestinian Land Authority and the Land and Water Settlement Commission through a performance-based scheme. Disbursements will be linked to specific results where the government will be reimbursed for eligible expenditures based on agreed periodic targets for verified properties registered.

Press Release in Arabicضمان حقوق الحيازة في 350 ألف عقار بالضفة الغربية



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