New Video Depicts Improved Lives in Honduras via Water and Sanitation

March 18, 2015|Other news items

In Honduras, millions of people lack access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation services. Current public and private investment is not enough to provide the poor with access to these basic services. Through an innovative, results-based financing mechanism called output-based aid, the World Bank, the Global Partnership on Output-Based Aid (GPOBA) and the Government of Honduras connected 87,000 low-income residents to water and sanitation services.

This video includes testimonials from beneficiaries, who describe the hardships they faced and the difference that access to water and sanitation made in their lives. Representatives from the NGOs involved in the project explain the benefits of financing projects through output-based aid, and the role the communities played in connecting low-income residents. Linking incentives to results, OBA has improved health and increased access to water and sanitation services, making water a priority for the poor.

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"Partnership in Honduras: Output-Based Aid in Water and Sanitation