Sector Toolkits on How to Close Gender Gaps with Results-Based Financing

Girl Student - Gender  GPRBA

GPRBA is actively seeking to ensure that the projects it supports include women as beneficiaries. GPRBA is also undertaking efforts to monitor and evaluate the outcomes to determine how to improve the inclusion of women and girls as project beneficiaries. 

These sector tools on gender are designed to help teams who are designing RBF projects. They provide sector-specific entry points, key questions to consider, and sample objectives and indicators to serve as a compendium of tools in different sectors. 

Each of these reports describes how women and girls face disadvantages in each sector, and how RBF has been used as a tool to seek to improve all lives, with special emphasis on women and girls. Several case studies serve as successful examples of efforts to target and reach disadvantaged groups, especially women so that no one is left behind. (click on the sectors to access publications)

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RBF Gender Toolkits GPRBA