GPOBA Inn-OBA-tions Awards Presented at 10th Anniversary Conference

Credit: GPOBA

GPOBA announced ten award-winning pilot projects at the conclusion of GPOBA’s 10th Anniversary two-day conference. GPOBA's Panel of Experts served as the committee to select the ten projects that best exemplified successful and innovative implementation of output-based aid, with potential replication and scaling up, as well as adding to the diversity of the portfolio.
Projects meeting the criteria below were favored for selection:
*OBA pioneer (first pilot, new sector, frontier)

  • *Leveraging partnerships with governments / donors / other development partners
  • *Enabling private sector participation in the sector / country
  • *Community / grassroots involvement
  • *Impact on sectoral policy, scale up or replication effect

Of the ten awards presented, half were for pilots in the water sector, with the remaining sectors (energy, health, transport, education, and solid waste management) having one representative each. The awarded projects were:

1. Manila Water project
2. Honduras OBA Facility 
3. Kenya Community Water project
4. Surabaya Water project 
5. Andhra Pradesh Water project 
6. Bangladesh Solar Home Systems project
7. Yemen Safe-Motherhood project 
8. Vietnam Upper-Secondary Education Enhancement project
9. Nepal Solid Waste Management project 
10. Argentina CREMA Program (Transport) 

For more details about project updates and the teams who contributed to their fruition, click on the document below.