GPRBA Annual Report 2021

The Partnership broadened its mandate in 2019 to incorporate more flexible financing solutions beyond OBA, to keep up with the changing needs of our clients and to achieve greater impact. The name change to GPRBA marked this expansion. It made more RBF instruments available, and leveraged the…

Date: 2021

Type: Annual Reports

Tags: Energy, Climate Change, Education, Health, Other, Solid Waste Management, Telecommunications, Water and Sanitation, Urban Transport, Public-Private Partnerships , Independent Verification , Fragile Situations, Urban, Gender

Output-Based Aid in Telecommunications: New Models for Universal Access in Latin America

During the 1990s many Latin American countries developed universal access programs, financed through universal service funds, to increase telecommunications access in rural and low-income areas. The mechanism most often used to allocate the funds was the minimum subsidy tender, with subsidy…

Date: 2009

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Telecommunications

Output-Based Aid in Mongolia: Expanding Telecommunications Services to Rural Areas

Access to telecommunications services has been extremely limited in the remote and sparsely populated areas of Mongolia. Several factors have conspired against achieving universal access on a purely commercial basis—the country’s vast and challenging geography, the nomadic lifestyle of the rural…

Date: 2008

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Telecommunications

Output-based aid in Uganda: Bringing Communication Services to Rural Areas

In 1999, Uganda had achieved a national teledensity (fixed and mobile) of about one telephone per 100 inhabitants, slightly above the average for Sub- Saharan Africa (excluding South Africa). But with most phone lines concentrated in the Kampala area, rural teledensity was far lower. Indeed,…

Date: 2007

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Energy, Telecommunications

Output-Based Aid in Nepal: Expanding Telecommunications Service to Rural Areas

A landlocked country which is covered largely by hills and mountains, Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, where many people are isolated and without formal means of communication. Despite recent telecommunication sector reforms, rural areas have not been served. Recognizing this…

Date: 2004

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Telecommunications, Fragile Situations