GPOBA Annual Report 2010

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GPOBA’s Annual Report 2010 reports that wider adoption of results-based financing instruments, such as output-based aid (OBA), is now in sight, thanks to a number of positive developments: 

  • The World Bank is developing a new instrument designed to support government programs and more directly link disbursements to results.
  • Aid agencies in Australia and the United States have begun to adopt OBA in their development financing. 
  • The UK’s Department for International Development, GPOBA’s founding donor, is increasingly focusing on results-based approaches.  

GPOBA is increasingly providing expert advice to governments and World Bank teams on how to structure results-based financing operations, including OBA components within an operation. For example, GPOBA worked with the World Bank’s Indonesia country team on an operation that makes fiscal transfers to local governments more results-based.

Overall, GPOBA has continued to develop its portfolio of OBA pilot projects, which now includes 31 schemes for a total of US$124.9 million, expected to benefit around 6.5 million people in 23 countries worldwide.

GPOBA Annual Report 2010 (1.58 MB)