Lighting the Way for Growth in Rural Myanmar

This publication by the Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP), GPRBA's partner in the Myanmar Solar Power project, describes its role in the World Bank-funded National Electrification project to provide universal access to the country's rural populations by 2030. 

Since the…

Date: 2020

Type: Other Publications

Tags: Energy, Climate Change

New Perspectives on Results-Based Blended Finance for Cities: Innovative Finance Solutions for Climate-Smart Infrastructure

This report offers innovative ideas for cities and development partners to use their limited public funds and direct policy decisions to leverage private sector…

Date: 2019

Type: Publications

Tags: Climate Change

GPOBA-supported Climate-Friendly Projects and Beneficiaries

The map below demonstrates the climate-smart energy pilots supported by GPRBA, along with the estimated number of beneficiaries.

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Date: 2018

Type: Other Publications

Tags: Climate Change

Results-Based Climate Finance in Practice : Delivering Climate Finance for Low-Carbon Development

Results-based financing is a well-established financing modality in the health and education sectors but it is still in an early stage of deployment in the area of climate change. This report reviews 74 results-based climate financing (RBCF) programs implemented in developing countries with an…

Date: 2017

Type: Other Publications

Tags: Climate Change

The Use of Output-Based Aid in Small Scale Irrigation Schemes in Developing Countries

This report has been completed to explore the use of output-based aid (OBA) as a financing mechanism to support the development and operation of small-scale irrigation schemes in developing countries. The specific objectives of the report were to:

1. Evaluate the scope for OBA in…

Date: 2014

Type: Publications

Tags: Climate Change, Other

Lessons From Output-Based Aid For Leveraging Finance For Clean Energy

This working paper has been prepared as backgound documentation to support a number of efforts being undertaken by the World Bank and other multi-lateral and bi-lateral donors in middle- and low-income countries linking support to clean energy with the need to make such supports more effective…

Date: 2012

Type: OBA Working Papers

Tags: Energy, Climate Change

Output-based Aid and Carbon Finance

Carbon finance is an output-based approach to mitigating climate change. Under the Kyoto Protocol’s project-based mechanisms—the Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation— projects in developing and transition economies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions can receive “carbon credits…

Date: 2006

Type: OBApproaches

Tags: Climate Change