Innovations in Development Finance Webinar: Pay for Success in Solid Waste Management Results-Based Financing

March 1, 2018|Webinar

This webinar will explore GPOBA’s Nepal Solid Waste project. With rapid urbanization, population growth, and new economic activity, municipal solid waste is increasing at alarming rates, and is expected to almost triple in low and lower middle income countries by 2025. At the same time, solid waste management (SWM) systems in most developing countries are underfunded and suffer from lack of planning. Improving SWM requires intervention all along the supply chain. GPOBA’s SWM project in Nepal was created to expand SWM services in five municipalities. This webinar will discuss how OBA approaches can jump-start SWM services in low-income countries where service delivery is poor or non-existent or where fee collection to support waste services is a major challenge.

Part of a webinar series introducing innovative financing mechanisms that contribute to development solutions, linking needs, objectives and actual results.