An Environmentally-Friendly Approach to Solid Waste Management in the Palestinian Territories

October 30, 2014|Video

GPRBA's first project in the solid waste management sector was for the benefit of residents in the Bethlehem and Hebron governorates in the southern West Bank; components of this project included consruction of the Al-Minya Sanitary Landfill and the closing of dozens of illegal dumpsite, establishment of recycling facilities, and jobs training for waste pickers. GPRBA worked with the IFC and the World Bank to bring improved solid waste services to 840,000 residents. 

This forms part of the World Bank's Solid Waste Management program in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, designed to improve living conditions for the entire Palestinian population. In addition to the segment supported by GPRBA, this initiative also serves 600,000 people in the Northern West Bank, and is planned to reach 750,000 residents of the Southern Gaza strip. Part of the project introduces an environmentally-friendly approach towards solid waste management, while it creates new jobs and business opportunities, and reduces the financial burden on and increases the capacity of  Palestinian municipalities in this sector.