Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

Vanuatu Electricity


This  activity  provided  funding for a feasibility study to design an OBA  approach to increase electricity access in Vanuatu. Consultants worked with the Minister of Finance and Economic Management, Ministry of Energy, and private concessionaries.

Activities included:

  • Defining targeting mechanism and identifying geographical coverage.
  • Analysis on willingness and ability to pay among potential beneficiaries
  • Quantifying projects costs and determining amount of subsidy..                                                                             

Closed. The  feasibility  study  for  the  subsidy  project  was completed satisfactorily, the OBA project was approved and moved into early implementation. The TA closing date was extended to provide support to the Vanuatu Department of Energy to design the household wiring component of the project and set quality  standards to be adhered to by the service providers.