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Uruguay Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance PforR


The  objective was to  support  the  Uruguay's Ministry  of Transport  and  Public  Works to deliver on two items of the Program Action Plan (PAP) of the PforR loan road rehabilitation and maintenance loan: PAP action #8 on improving complaints and grievance handling mechanism and PAP action #9 on strengthening communication with civil society.
The Uruguay Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Program is the first PforR operation in Latin America and the Caribbean. The World Bank’s PforR loan is for $66 million.


The  deliverables were added to the GPOBA knowledge base and to be maintained by the World Bank and GPOBA to inform similar future operations. Uruguay’s Ministry of Transport and Public Works, the Government requested to amend the PforR design so that the PAP would not require a complaints and grievance  handling  mechanism.  The  E-Government and Knowledge Society Agency (AGESIC) was to consider using the  deliverables  for  different  systems/system components to promote citizen engagement.