Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Closed

Morocco Rural Water OBA Schemes


This  activity supported support the testing of a new management model for the scale-up of an OBA pilot to provide access to piped water to poor families in rural Morocco.

Activities included:
  Analysis of the PPP contract and evaluation of the first few months of  operation in Jorf El Melha.  This analysis provided lessons to help adapt future tender documents for similar pilot operations.
  the selection of firms and preparation of the  tender  documents  of  three  similar  small- scale   PPPs  with  an OBA approach for the management and extension of water supply service (and possibly sanitation) in other areas of Morocco.


Closed. In the first semester of 2014, the consultant delivered a standard bidding document and model of contract for the delegation by ONEE (ex. ONEP) of water supply management  and  extension  through  small-scale  PPP using  OBA  and  adapting  these  documents  to  three pilots in El Brouj, Larache and Safi.