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Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes

Ghana Education Schoolchildren
Photo: (GPE / Stephan Bachenheimer)


This project's objective is to improve the quality of education in low performing basic education schools and strengthen education sector equity and accountability in Ghana.

This additional financing (AF) will help reduce the current financing gap in the implementation of the Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP) to support the Government’s COVID-19 Coordinated Education Response Plan and respond to the high number of out-of-school children in Ghana. The AF will aid Ghana to address the immediate, short-term and long-term effects of the pandemic by supporting the National Response Plan and ameliorating the loss in learning. It will further help support recovery and resilience measures with a strengthened focus on equitable opportunities for marginalized children.

The AF will maintain a strong equity focus by setting a higher price for outcomes under the EOF specifically for out-of-school girls. Further, service providers that can demonstrate strong capacity to provide interventions for children with disabilities will receive preferential weighting in the procurement process