Zambia: Electricity Access for Low-Income Households

Grant Funding|Activity Status: Closed
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  • Amount
    $4.95 million
  • Approval Date
    May 07, 2015
    Closing Date
    June 30, 2018
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Objective: In Zambia access to electricity remains low and is a key priority in the country's economic strategy. in 2015, over 47 percent of the population in urban and peri-urban areas and only 3 percent in rural areas had access to electricity, experiencing regular power shortages and load shedding. This was the first GPOBA-funded project in Zambia, designed to reach up to 22,000 beneficiaries in low-income households and 5,000 micro and small enterprises (MSEs) in urban and peri-urban areas using targeted subsidies.

Outputs: The project exceeded its target by 150%, extending energy access to 32,843 households and 5,117 micro and small enterprises, benefiting approximately 200,000 residents in low-income townships.