Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Active

Yemen Solid Waste Management and Gender Assessments


The solid waste management (SWM) and gender activity will strategically focus on three cities included under the World Bank's Yemen Integrated Urban Services Emergency Project (YIUSEP II) project: Aden, Sana’a and Mukalla.

The activity will include an operational and capacity assessment of the Cleaning Funds in the respective cities and their capacity to provide effective SWM services.

The gender activity will support improvements to the lives of the women, men, boys and girls in the SWM sector, who can benefit from improved livelihoods, dignity, and access to services.


• Consultants are conducting desk reviews and assessments through interviews and surveys to collect on-the-ground information.

• Inception report was received on April 28, 2022.

• Enumerators were trained on how to use all the developed surveys and conducted the pilot and project data collection the first week of May 2022; they will continue with data collection and assessment throughout the coming months.