Scoping and Assessment of Selective IB Transactions

Dissemination|Activity Status: Closed
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    January 18, 2018
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    August 31, 2018



This task will include the following activities: 1. Identification and assessment of possible education impact bond operations. This activity will support the identification and assessment of up to three World Bank-supported education projects, which could be totally or partially financed according to the principles of a SIB. The identification of these projects will be done through research and meetings with staff involved in the preparation of education projects. The assessment of potential candidates for social impact bond financing will be done by applying a framework (SIB Assessment Framework) to be developed by the task team, based on the exiting literature and social impact bond-financed projects under implementation in various sectors and countries. 2. Supporting the initial design of SIB features for the identified good candidates for impact bond financing. For each education project assessed as a good candidate for SIB financing, this activity will support the initial design of SIB features that can be used to inform the future project preparation. These SIB features could include the: (i) rationale for using SIB to address the project objectives, as compared to other approaches, (ii) identification and definition of roles of stakeholders, and profiles of entities that could play those roles in a given country and sector, (iii) outcome metrics, and (iv) potential sources of funds.3. Knowledge sharing. This activity will support the development and sharing of documentation and information on the assessment of potential impact bond operations in education. The task team will organize events (e.g. BBLs) to disseminate the outputs from this task. All project documentation and information will be also made available to the audiences through the Impact Bond Community Platform and other means.