Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

OBA for Small-Scale Irrigation


This activity investigated financing, structuring and implementating of sustainableirrigation schemes in developing countries targeting low- income farmers,  and explores ways to introduce OBA, with these objectives:
  Develop a better understanding of sustainable small-scale irrigation schemes
  Evaluate the scope of OBA for supporting poor farmers.
  Develop contractual arrangements to support sustainable small-scale irrigation schemes benefiting from OBA.


The  deliverables  were  completed. As an outcome, GPOBA  developed its first OBA grant in irrigation with IFC in Burkina Faso, for which the GPOBA Panel of Experts approved the Project Concept Note with a provisional amount of $4.4 million.
The Concept Note was aligned with World Bank Group's Sahel Initiative with its pledge of $1.5 billion to help the countries of the Sahel  region  tackle political, food, climatic, and security vulnerabilities.