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Nigeria Health Lessons Workshop


This workshop is directed to stimulate the use of OBA in maintaining community-based health insurance schemes in the targeted areas of Nigeria.


This workshop was held in June 2015, organized by the World Bank, GPOBA, PharmAccess and the National Health Insurance Scheme. The workshop covered lessons learned from the GPOBA pilot project and other topics relevant to participating state governments to effectively incorporate into their policies in order to build public support for the universal health coverage, such as:

  • targeting and the use of demographics and other    metrics    to    identify    the    poorest communities for support of equity funds
  • evaluation  and  the  data  analysis  to  adjust resource allocation
  • legal  framework  to  limit  conflicts  between state and federal law
  • health      insurance      financing      options, including state-level equity funds to reduce dependence on federal government
  • benefit  packages  and  the  legal  minimum requirements