Mexico: Design and Implementation of the Oaxaca Water and Sanitation Modernization Program

Technical Assistance|Activity Status: Closed
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    July 22, 2013
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    January 31, 2015
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This TA supported the  design and implementation of the Oaxaca WSS Sector Modernization PforR, particularly:
- Preparation  of  the  DLIs  matrix,  incl. definition,  targets,  verification  protocol; definition of the Program’s activities to achieve the targets of the DLIs; implementation of the Program Action Plan;
- Definition of the result-based disbursement mechanism;  preparation  of  the  Terms-of-Reference  of  the results Independent Verification Agent;
- A note with the Program-for-Results (PforR) Program factsheet and lessons from its preparation.

All activities completed and paid for as planned, including the South-South knowledge exchange between two subnational PforR projects supported inter alia by TA of GPOBA, namely Oaxaca PforR of Mexico and Ceará PforR of Brazil. TA supported activities as planned and the PforR was approved. The Oaxaca   PforR   project   continued   with   some challenges and was subject to a possible restructuring for treasons unrelated to GPOBA-supported deliverables.