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Manila Water Project Beneficiary Assessment


The objective was to document OBA project lessons in improving water access of poor household in the East Zone of Metro Manila and determine the  sustainability of the program. The work would feed into the design of a  scale-up  program  of  the  Government  of  the Philippines  and the Implementation Completion  Report  that  was  under  preparation.

Specifically, this project would determine:
  The  benefits  of  providing  subsidized  piped- water    supply    connections    to    low-income households;
  Outcomes     and     impacts     of     providing subsidized  piped-water  supply  connections  to low and poor income households specifically to women and children;
  If  the  provision  of  subsidized  piped-water connections   to   poor-income   households   is sustainable; and
  Factors    contributing    to    or    that    would influence     the     sustainability     of     providing subsidized  piped-water  supply  connections  to poor households.


The  beneficiary  assessment  was  delivered  and its conclusions have been integrated into the ICR published in November  2013,

The  full  beneficiary assessment  report  has  been  annexed  to  the  ICR  in Annex 3, Economic and Financial Analysis, that was disclosed.