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Liberia: Integrated Services for the Urban Poor


The objective is to introduce integrated services for the urban poor as part of a larger Strategy for Monrovia initiative that identifies strategic reforms and investments over the medium to longer term for enabling development of the capital city. 

Monrovia Market Scene
Monrovia Market Scene 
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The analytical deliverables have been drafted, identifying specific subprojects in water, SWM, solar energy, agribusiness, healthcare, education, etc. Spatial analytics that this activity has supported involves mapping of the Greater Monrovia area, helps understand densification of the built environment and people in various parts of the Greater Monrovia district with population of almost one million people, or 20% of the nation. The activity has been extended from December 2019 to July 2020 to be synchronized with the discussion about project scope. In the next reporting period, GPRBA will take part in the discussion of RBF feasibility in each sector to enable the identification of sub projects for possible funding under the proposed Outcomes Fund.