Dissemination | Activity Status: Closed

Lessons from OBA in Rural Water in Vietnam


The objective was to document the lessons from an Implementation and Completion Report (ICR) of the GPOBA-funded project completed in June 2012 which implemented a Rural Water Supply  pilot  in  Vietnam  via  community-based service  delivery  with  the  support  of  an  NGO.

The activity included three deliverables:
  Beneficiary assessment.
  Policy note consolidating best practices and lessons in rural water supply.
  Practitioners’  handbook  with  methodology and do’s and  don’ts for  donors,  governments, NGOs, private sector and  the independent verification process.


Three deliverables for this activity were published.  During project implementation, emphasis on sustainability, lessons learned, beneficiary feedback have been highlighted as areas that merited further analysis and dissemination.