Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Active

India: Kerala Urban Service Delivery Project

Kerala - South India boatmen
Kochi Boatmen - Photo: Adam Hill / Pixabay


This activity identifies key policy, regulatory, institutional, financial and technical or capacity challenges that hinder the delivery of solid and liquid waste management services in selected cities in Kerala, India, and then supports the design of a results-based framework and institutional capacity-development program to overcome those hurdles. The framework will be used for about $130 million worth of capital investments, as part of the World Bank’s Kerala Urban Service Delivery Project (KUSDP). This activity is in the preparation stage.



Active. Closing in Apr. 2020. The scope of the KUSDP has been discussed with the stakeholders, as a result of which the planned amount was increased from $130 to $300 million. This activity has been supporting the design of RBF conditions for formula-based capital grants to the participating municipalities. Also, the activity considered what incentives could be necessary for state and city-level reforms to improve the municipal systems for service delivery and climate resilience. In light of the discussions about KUSDP scope, this activity was extended from October 2019 to April 2020. The deliverables will be finalized in the next reporting period.