Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Closed

Colombia: Design of OBA Schemes in Urban Transport


This activity provided the District of Bogotá, Colombia, and the city’s Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT) System (Transmilenio) with support to develop and implement a sound pro-poor subsidy scheme for public transit with:
  clear selection criteria for recipients.
  subsidy schemes and implementation designs that would minimize transaction costs and include individual incentives;
  a transparent  monitoring  mechanism  to  (i) monitor  the  use  of  the  scheme;  (ii) monitor and control abuse; and (iii) manage contingent liabilities.

This activity's goal was to produce a set of outputs allowing Bogotá to consider an OBA scheme implementation.


Closed. This was GPOBA's first engagement in the urban transport  sector.  

Other Latin American countries subsequently requested World Bank support into looking at their subsidy schemes  in urban transport and how to better target subsidies for the poor. 

The Bogotá report informed GPOBA's global study on how to use OBA in urban transport.