Technical Assistance | Activity Status: Closed

Central African Republic: Water and Sanitation for Flood Prone Areas


GPOBA advised the Government of Central African Republic on the feasibility of a proposed OBA project and regarding the design aspects of the project.

Activities included:
1) Technical project design
2) Economic analysis and baseline survey
3) Fiduciary/Safeguard appraisals
4) An operational manual defining the specific roles of the grant recipient and the implementation agency (AGETIP) for the planning, management, execution, monitoring and supervision of the OBA scheme, rules governing the financial management, disbursement of payments, and auditing of the project, and rules governing the release of funds upon verification of output delivery.


Closed. The initial technical analysis underpinning the proposed subsidy project was completed in December 2012. US$4.98 million was allocated to the project, designed to improve access to sustainable sanitation and water services for 280,000 users in three low-income areas of Bangui. .